Permaculture workshop

Permaculture Workshop

Intensive 3 days permaculture workshop

This workshop is to empower you to explore your relationship with mother nature and take the first steps on your road back to nature. 
About Solitude Farm & Organic Kitchen, Founded 26 years ago in the international township of Auroville. Solitude is dedicated to natural farming, permaculture and demonstrating the value of local food and the bounty of mother nature.
The modules in this workshop will empower you to grow your own food; urban gardening, circle garden with enormous social implications & a larger field module for those starting their own farms. We will explore soil, seeds, local foods, medicinal plants, recycling water, enzyme & hand soaps and the importance of celebration in permaculture.

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This workshop aims to empower you to start growing your own food and to gain an insight into knowing where our food comes from. As a participant you will also discover –

Harvesting and preparing local food; Secrets of Our Salads & Tribal Booster Juice.

 Circle garden Module:  The circle garden is your first permaculture garden. It is a simple module that incorporates many aspects of the philosophy of the natural farming and permaculture practices and the garden is easy to replicate in schools, public spaces, offices, hospitals etc. This module has a huge social and economical value by reconnecting us to essential values such as nutrition, medicinal plants, community and our relationship with mother nature.

The nursery is a heart of the farm. Learning how to create a healthy soil, how to propagate seedlings and cuttings, Sowing seeds (fruits & vegetables) and transplanting seedlings. Urban gardening and the extension of this work with children and schools.

Understand the principles behind water recycling, and how to make your own enzyme & hand soap!

learn about how to cook local foods that have been eclipsed by industrialised agriculture and reintegrate them into your diet.

Learn and implement permaculture design, physiological difference and time duration  between the plants, understanding rotations, intercropping, intense mulching.

Exploring the economic viability of natural farming, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), education, festivals, eco tourism, involving the community in the farm.

The evenings with localicious dinner and reading from ‘One Straw Revolution’ by Masanobu Fukuoka & Music by Krishna from his Band ‘Emergence’.

Accommodation –

Solitude Farm is a sustainable farming community with simple yet charming bamboo huts and a few tree houses for guests. There are compost toilets, western toilets and showers are open to the sky. We are by no means a resort but the authenticity of the farm, the food and the closeness to nature will touch your heart. Here are some images of our accommodation and space –

This is an intensive workshop and it requires you to have energy, enthusiasm and an inquiring mind.

Take a look at our videos from past workshops! –

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Mini workshop | Every wednesday :30 AM till 12:30 noon

This workshop is an exploration of the values of local food which is at the very heart of permaculture.
Local foods are easy to grow thus are found in abundance. They use less water, have high nutritional & medicinal values, are non-exclusive and have no ecological cost. All in all exploring & eating local foods is the most simple and direct action we can have to undermine the vast exploitation and pollution caused by industrialised agriculture.

We start with an introduction, exploring man’s relationship with Mother Nature and where his food comes from. We make a tour of the farm, exploring various practices in context with a specific focus on understanding the values of local foods, their medicinal & nutritional values etc. We then harvest upto 25-30 different local foods; leaves, roots, flowers, fruits, wild vines etc.

At the kitchen we display the produce and prepare it into a delicious salad, a tribal booster juice and a green chutney which is served with our localicious lunch.

To close the workshop, we read a chapter from Masanobu Fukuoka’s book “The One Straw Revolution”, to demonstrate that this is no idle philosophy but something lived everyday at Solitude Farm.

Contribution: Rs 800/ per adult, includes Lunch & refreshments
Rs 400 / per kid below 16 yrs, includes Lunch & refreshments