We are coming to Chennai on Sunday, Dec 22, along with our amazing


Local Food Thali

which demonstrates a tasty and nutritious solution to the ecological crisis we

find ourselves in today. Krishna Mckenzie, Founder of Solitude Farm Cafe, Auroville

will also be sharing a short talk on how local food is possibly the most effective

action we can all take to bring about renaissance of well-being in our society.

The event is being conducted in association with MEEL Foundation.

Honoring Mother Nature through local food.

Where does our food comes from? We eat three times a day but have no idea where our food comes from, who grows it, how it is grown, processed, packed, stored, transported etc. 

"Society that doesn't know where its food comes from is a society without culture and humanity without culture will perish." - Masanobu Fukuoka.

This loss of relationship with where our food comes from is a symptom of a deeper loss of our relationship with Mother Nature.

Krishna was born in England and has lived the last 26 years in the International township of Auroville, Tamilnadu, South India. He started and runs Solitude Farm Cafe. He is widely recognised for his work in permaculture, natural farming, local food and 'Nutritional Cultural Identity'.  As well as a farmer he is also a successful musician & educator.


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I can't speak highly enough about Krishna and Solitude Farm. The food here is simply the best in Auroville....grown with love. Once you have this food, it will be difficult to go back to your typical food. Krishna, the farmer who runs the farm, is so inspiring and passionate. It's impossible for his passion NOT to rub off on you. I also got the basket service for 6 months. This basket service is for local residents to get local food from his farm every week. I got the best seasonal produce. Thanks Krishna for blessing us with your food and divine service.

Susan from Philadelphia 

Workshop participant

I participated in the Saturday 11.30 am Farm tour and it was simply amazing! Krishna is gorgeous, with his passion and his joy, he is deeply touching everyones heart. I can only recommend to listen to his message to embrace local food again. By the way, the food there is simply amazing - a model for every restaurant and each one of us.

Go there and get inspired!

Eric H

Workshop participant

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